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Our FIRST race abroad!

Statistic - 10287 times
Publication date - 2017.01.16.

When we first organised the ShowelRace competition more than four years ago in Sigulda bobtrack, no one took it too serious including us. No one really realised then, that it will grow into a spectacular and popular race, nor it will become internationally attended and organised.
For this we say THANK YOU- first of all to our riders, for being so competitive, for your trust in us and for the fact that besides sporty seriousness you also bring a lot of joy in the event! HUGE THANKS goes to all people and companies that have supported us during the years- you not only believed in our idea, but also helped us grow and evolve to the level we are at now!
At the beginning of this year, Optibet ShowelRace and Optibet Ice on Fire event took place outside Latvia for the first time ever- at Lillehammer Olympic bobtrack in Norway! Daily routine, jokes and party stuff will stay in people's legends, so here we basically refer to race.
Lillehammer invited us with a classic January- cold, but sunny weather and fantastic ice in the track. Athletes in both, shovel and skating disciplines went through a two training days and one race day. In total around 40 people took part in this first ever Norway event from Latvia, Norway, Germany, Switzerland, Finland and France. As first day track left some ''love marks'' on some riders, leaders-to-be established pretty soon. Shovels were led by usual Sigulda ''suspects'', but Ice on Fire top field was held by RedBull Crashed Ice regular ''thugs''.

For more emotions and information, please have a look at gallery and here goes the top:
Men: 1. Jānis Horeliks, 2. Mareks Kairis, 3.Māris Staņa
Ladies: 1. Ance Jankava, 2.Gunita Turauska, 3.Kintija Horelika
Doubles: 1.Turauski, 2.Paķis/Raipulis, 3.Horeliki

We absolutely have to mention here that Jānis Horeliks set up a present speed record of 84,24km/h!!!

Ice on Fire
1. Kilian Braun (SUI), 2. Philipp Auerswald (GER), 3.Jānis Jasenovičs (LAT)

A SPECIAL and GREAT THANKS goes to Lillehammer track personnel and Jan Oddvar Tangen in person!

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