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Showelrace X season Afterparty un After-words!

Statistic - 552 times
Publication date - 2024.03.23.

Ladies and Gentlemen, fasten your helmets and grip your shovels – because you’re about to ride down the slippery slope of gratitude with me. We've just wrapped up the X season of ShowelRace.

First off, a huge shovel-load of thanks to Balcia Apdrošināšana. You insured our bravery didn’t turn into a medical bill, making sure the only thing we risked was our dignity at the track (and after-party). And speaking of parties, can we give it up for Cat Phones Baltic? Thanks to your rugged phones, our memories are safe in something tougher than the ice we slid on. Not even a high-speed shovel crash could crack those bad boys.

To our adrenaline junkies at GoPro, thank you for capturing every frostbitten smile, every exhilarating descent, and every crash that we swore was on purpose. You showed us that our best angles are usually while upside down on a shovel. And to the heroes in green, Jagermeister, your warm drinks were the actual finish line we all raced to. You didn't just warm our bodies; you thawed out our frozen spirits.

Let’s not forget Red Bull, who gave us wings. Though, in hindsight, wings on a shovel might have explained a few of those unexpected flight tests. And Karuzo, you turned metal into memories with your beautiful and original medals, ensuring our necks got as much exercise as our legs.

Now, to the heart and soul of this icy circus – Kārlis Kelle, Rūdolfs Riekstiņš, and Gatis Plots. Without you, we’d just be adults sliding on shovels with no excuse. Your vision, dedication, and slightly questionable sanity made all this possible. And to Edgars Dundurs, our season’s paparazzi, thanks for making us look way cooler than we felt – your photos captured every snow spray, every triumph, and every "I meant to do that" moment.

In closing, whether you joined us on the track, cheered from the sidelines, or supported us from afar – thank you. Each and every one of you is a crucial part of this wonderfully wacky winter world we call ShowelRace. Here's to many more seasons of laughter, thrills, and questionable life choices. Cheers!

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