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Izklaides braucieni SHOWELRACE. 7.novembrī (2020.11.07.)

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ShowelRace 8.sezonas kalendārs! SAVE THE DATE!
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ShowelRace 8.sezona jau no 7.novembra!!!
Sr bbq party
ShowelRace Neatkarības dienas BBQ PARTY!!! 4.jūlijā, 20.00

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Showelrace is amateur sliding sport down to bobsleigh track on the Shovel. It is the most visited event coparing to bobsleigh, skeleton and luge together. Since 2012 there are around 10 events in season, and this is the 6th season in a row. Each year ice season starts in October and ends in March. Participant average speed is 60 km/h.

  • beenhere What is needed from the equipment?

    Most importantly, you should be dressed in accordance with the weather - warm jacket or coat, gloves, trousers, shoes. We will provide you a shovel and a helmet. The obligatory requirement is neatly gloves. Very thin gloves do not guarantee neither heat nor safety. Participation in events without gloves is prohibited. Actually without pants too.

  • beenhere Is it safe?

    It's as safe as basketball, football or volleyball. Some bruise could be obtained, but that's all. We, of course, recommend elbow protectors in individual runs and knee protectors in doubles.

  • beenhere How much does it cost?

    The sooner you apply, the less it costs. Early Bird or 3 early races and all other bonuses in the Individual discipline will cost only 35 EUR. Closer to race day is 40 EUR and race day is already 45 EUR.

    Doubles - 50 EUR. Closer to race day is 60 EUR and race day is already 70 EUR.

    Combined discipline 'Individual + Doubles' - 80 EUR. Closer to race day is 90 EUR and race day is already 100 EUR.

    Combined discipline 'Individual + Individual + Doubles' - 110 EUR. Closer to race day is 120 EUR and race day is already 130 EUR.

    We also recommend attending training sessions where you can try out Showelrace in a non-competitive environment as well as refine your driving skills.

    In training you pay for the number of runs. The more runs, the lower the price for one run.

  • beenhere What to do if the outside is warm or raining?

    The race season takes place regardless of the weather. The track is completely covered, so there is no need to worry about that case. Refrigeration equipment is capable of providing high-quality ice even in all summer weather.

  • beenhere How are the events evaluated?

    The evaluation of men's, women's and doubles events takes place in two categories:

    1) According to the best (fastest) time shown in the sum of two race runs.

    2) After two similar runs. The one who has the closest run to other run is the winner of the race. The key is to make the two runs as similar as possible.

    You can find a complete description of the ranking by category in the event rules at the top of the Showelrace homepage.

  • beenhere Is it possible to prepare or do some training exercises?

    This is not only an opportunity, but we strongly recommend to do that. Trainings are a great opportunity not only to improve your shoveling skills, but also to try out what's in Showelrace, not in race mode. If you are shy to take part in the event, then trainings are perfect fit for you.

  • beenhere How long is it valid gift card?

    Gift cards are valid as long as they are used or until the ShowelRace event takes place. So gift cards purchased in previous years are also valid for this season. If you do not sign up with gift cards from the previous season, please feel free to contact us by writing to info@showelrace.com so that we can activate them. Gift vouchers are not avaiable for WinterFest event.

  • beenhere Is it possible to buy seasonal subscriptions?

    Yes, we invite you to buy seasonal subscriptions. It is guarantees participation in all seasonal trainings and events and provides additional bonuses to the subscribers. The value of the bonus depends on the type of subscription you select. Bonus amount can reach up to 470 EUR.

  • beenhere I'm getting a subscription, but I will not be able to use it. What to do?

    You can give a season subscription to another participant (in one or more of the events or the entire season) or use it for the next season.

  • beenhere Can photograph and film?

    You can safely take all your photo and video devices and capture your journey or other participants. During the event, filming and photography will take place. By participating in the event, you agree that your photos may be used on the photo galleries of the event on the homepage and FB, as well as in the development of promo materials.

  • beenhere What is the Prize Catalog?

    In the Showelrace events, race organizers do not give prizes, but the participant chooses the prize himself from the Prize Catalog. Depending on how many point you have. Prize catalog points are also received for participation in trainings and recommending the ShowelRace events to others, high scores, etc.

  • beenhere What is Roulette Wheel?

    Roulette Wheel is an additional activity, where any participant can gate additional prizes. Participation in the Wheel takes place in the form of a lottery. An exception to this may be the specifics in which the organizers of the event determine the criteria upon. For example, the most beautiful or colorful costume.

  • beenhere Do you also organize corporate or group runs?

    Yes, and we are very happy to organize it. Write to us and let's do it. :)


Showelrace is the most popular sliding sport in Latvia


There are lotteries and various attractions for participants and visitors


Bobsleigh track has ice from October to March

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